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Allahverdi Fresh Fruit Wholesaler Inc., the Subsidiary, is incorporated in British Columbia, Canada, on 2022. The Subsidiary operates in the fresh fruit and vegetable merchant wholesalers industry in the Greater Vancouver Area. The Subsidiary wholesales and ensure a steady supply of a wide variety of quality fresh fruits and vegetables and operate Monday to Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. During the first three years of operations, Mr. Allahverdi serves as the Subsidiary’s Executive Director. He personally facilitates the complete establishment of the Subsidiary’s operation in Vancouver, British Columbia. In month 4 of year 1, Mr. Allahverdi hires one fulltime Wholesale Trade Representative and one full-time Shipping and Receiving Clerk to facilitate the start of operations. Mr. Allahverdi spearheads the establishment of the Subsidiary and transfer his knowledge and skills to the Canadian workforce. At the start of year 4, a transition in the Subsidiary’s management occurs as Mr. Allahverdi hires and trains a full-time Wholesale Trade Manager to replace him after he leaves Canada to return to Iran. The Subsidiary additionally hires one full-time Wholesale Trade Representative during the same year to facilitate its growing operations.

The Subsidiary receives industry-related support from an existing parent entity, “Allahverdi Fruit Shop”. The Parent Company started its operation in Shiraz, Iran in 2002. The Parent Company is mainly engaged in the procurement and distribution of high-quality, fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. Started as a small fruit shop twenty years ago, the Parent Company currently serves its customers in a large retail store in Shiraz with its seven full-time employees. The Parent Company’s success is evident in the continuous increase of its net operating income– from an estimated CAD $1.07 million net operating income in 2020 to CAD $1.35 million in net operating income in 2021. Having a successful foundation in Iran, the Parent Company aspires to take developmental steps geared toward becoming a world leader by establishing a Subsidiary in Canada.

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Mr. Allahverdi spearheads the establishment of the Subsidiary’s operations in Canada as the Executive Director. He leverages his years of active involvement in the Parent Company in Iran as the Executive Manager to establish and propel the Subsidiary’s success in British Columbia. Over the past decade, Mr. Allahverdi dedicated himself in directing the Parent Company towards success. He was able to successfully lower product returns by implementing an efficient and effective quality control for the Parent Company’s store in Iran. Aside from working in the Parent Company, Mr. Allahverdi is the Managing Director and Vice-Chairman of Tejarat Miveh Toranj Shiraz Company– a business similarly operating in the field of procurementand distribution of fruits and vegetables as the Parent Company, but with a focus on packaging, processing, importing and exporting these products.

As the Subsidiary’s Executive Director, Mr. Allahverdi be in charge of staff management, business development strategies, client relations, and the development of sales and marketing strategies. He implements policies and concrete objectives through effective management and strategic decision-making. Mr. Allahverdi aims to transfer his knowledge and excellent management skills, including planning, forecasting, and market research and analysis to the Canadian workforce to succeed in the market.

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